Cryptocurrency exchange service Changelly was compromised

Bitcoin cryptocurrency value is at its peak and the world is looking closely anything and everything around Bitcoin. Hackers are also trying to get a closer look at entry an exit points to find a way to break it and steal some bitcoins. Changelly is a cryptocurrency exchange service between digital currencies and hackers have targeted their support team disrupting the exchange in a hard way. The details of how this happened has not been published but what we know is the support has been compromised and there was a slowdown for hours with their services.

Below is the memo sent to their customers with an apology.

“One of our support accounts was compromised. Most probably you’ve got the message, like
“All customers exchanging from bitcoin to any currency must make manual transfer to this Bitcoin wallet address:..”
Please ignore that message and never send money to the provided addresses!!!

Our apologies for the issue! The compromised account was blocked.
Changelly support agents never ask you to send money in any case!

All your uncompleted support requests will be processed in a course, our apologies for the delayed answers, unfortunately we are overloaded due to extremely high demand. But doing our best to help you as soon as we can.

Changelly support team.”


The future of such issues are unknown and new security controls must be in place to ensure such issues does not happen. A detailed disclosure must be provided to have better transparency and know the real impact of such issues.

As cryptocurrency becomes more relevant in the modern world, hackers will find new ways to compromise the system.

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