Steps to Change your Whatsapp Settings before Facebook Begins Sharing data  – Android & Iphone

From the first time you see the privacy policy update screen on WhatsApp ( both iPhone & Android phones) , you have 30 days to click through and agree or not agree to Facebook, using your Whatsapp data to suggest friends and serve ads hampering your experience. We highly recommended to follow the below steps to help privacy invasion by Whatsapp, a Facebook company with evil intent.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp’s UI on Iphone & Android does not offer clear information about what the new privacy policy will change, and disables mechanisms for opting out. Please follow the below steps to change your account settings and keep your Whatsapp data private from Facebook’s evil intentions.

NOTE : Based on your phone either Whatsapp or iphone the order may be different but please ensure box is unchecked for android before agreeing. In iphone turn off sharing as shown in screenshots below. We also have a video end of the page which was posted by a user on youtube.

Step 1: When you open Whatsapp on your phone, you will see this update screen. Click “Read more…” on the bottom.


Android screen 1:


Iphone screen 1 :













Step 2 :  This takes you to more information about the new privacy policy. At the bottom of the screen, uncheck ( for Android) the box for “Share my Whatsapp information with Facebook…”

Android Screen 2:


Step 3: ( Important Step ) Once you uncheck the box( in android ) and in  iphone say don’t share ( The button must be grayed out as shown in pic below) , you will see this pop-up box confirming that your account information won’t be used on Facebook.

Android phone 


Step 4: Now that your screen looks like this, click “Agree.” This will direct you back to your normal Whatsapp homepage. This is the last step.


Iphone screenshot


Marked in RED for iphone users


NOTE : If you already agreed to the new privacy policy and would like to undo it, you have 30 additional days after you clicked “Agree” to change your settings to “Don’t share” once and for all.


Step 1 : Use the three dots in the upper right of your screen to navigate to “Settings” and click “Account.”


Step 2. Toggle “Share my account info” to the left. A grey pop-up box will ask if you are sure you don’t want Whatsapp to share your data with Facebook. Tap “Don’t share.”


Step 3 Your screen should look like this, with “Share my account info” grayed out. You can click the arrow in the top left to get back to your settings and then to your normal Whatsapp homepage.

Note that your Whatsapp information will still be passed to Facebook for other purposes such as “improving infrastructure and delivery systems, understanding how [Facebook and Whatsapp ] services…are used, securing systems, and fighting spam, abuse, or infringement activities.” Changing your settings does ensure, however, that Facebook will not use your Whatsapp data to suggest friends or serve ads.


Thanks to Electronic Frontier Foundation for their continued efforts helping privacy and above screenshots and outline which was extracted from this link of .

Video from Youtube ( We do not have any rights to this video however we think this will be helpful ):



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