The mobile game ‘Clash of Kings’ was hacked and 1.6 million user info exposed

The Clash of the Kings is one of the most liked game on the mobile environment with more than 100 million downloads but recent hack exposes its 1.6 million gamer information exposed.

The hacker exploited outdated vBulletin software(forum’s) and the vulnerability  dates back to late 2013 which includes easily exploited security flaws. The exposed data includes usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, device identifiers, Facebook data, and hashed and salted passwords. The hacker used the company’s weak user security such as using https.


Clash-of-Kings Pic

ZDNET reported that this hack was carried out on July 14 by a hacker, who remains anonymous. A copy of the exposed database was made available to breach notification site, allowing users to search their usernames and email.

In this case the hack could have been prevented by using latest version of vBulletin which the company failed. In such instances companies must be held liable for their negligence for not taking the user information seriously.

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