Sharp rise in malware targeting Android by Kaspersky lab


In recent days Android security threat has evolved as one of the biggest threat in the mobile world. A research from kaspersky labs shows a graph displaying it. ( below)

Kaspersky_lab_mobilesecuritythreat Graph

Highlights from net-sec:

  1. Over the three months in question, over 14,900 new malicious programs targeting this platform were added to Kaspersky Lab’s database.
  2. Nearly half (49 per cent) of these malicious files targeting Android devices were multi-functional Trojans that steal data from telephones (contact names, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.), and are also capable of downloading additional modules from servers run by malicious users.
  3. Quarter of the detected Android malware was made up of SMS Trojans.
  4. 18 % of Android threats detected in the second quarter this year are backdoors that give malicious users the ability to gain full control over an infected device. These programs are used to build botnets of mobile devices. For now, only a small number of all Android threats are Trojan Spy programs – just 2 per cent of the total.
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