T-mobile insider employee steals 1.5 million customer information and sells the dump to make quick money

Tmobile Data Breach

Its been Tmobile  been unlucky last year  by a massive breach and now by an internal employee who sold more than 1.5 millionCzech Republic customer data.

As per the local media MF DNES, it is unknown how much of name, e-mail address, account number and various other information the marketing database contained. T-Mobile Czech Republic says only that it did not include location, traffic, or other “sensitive data such as passwords”.

T-Mobile Czech-Republic has refused to provide any additional  information about what data was leaked, due to an ongoing police investigation.

Although the company assured its customers that the stolen database did not contain any sensitive information such as location, traffic or other sensitive data like passwords, rather the stolen data was only used for marketing purposes.

This also means in the coming days users will expect to see increase SPAM from unknown companies.

T-Mobile Czech Republic managing director Milan Vašina says there was “no actual data leak” adding that “data are (sic) safe”.

Until the investigation gets completed we need to wait and see the extent of information lost as a result of insider data leak.

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