Snapshot Exploit disposure ignored, may let hackers allow phone numbers and name

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Snapshot is one of the most popular app for Android and IoS has ignored the security issue which puts its uses at risk as per Znet media

Snapchat ignored a security vulnerability reported by Gibson security, a Australian researcher since last August has triggered a huge risk at this point.

Exploits of Snapchat’s API allows for a script to associate phone numbers with Snapchat users’ display names, user names, and account privacy level

Gibson Security says they were aware of the exploit and have reported this to snapchat team multiple times since August. The exploit would let a hacker bulk-register thousands of accounts on the service.  However Snapchat failed to acknowledge Gibsons multiple attempts and decided to write about this on  tuesdays as reported by Gibson Security writes, on Tuesday.

Pic : Arstechmedia

As per Zdnet security reports Gibson says that ,  “People could operate a service similar to (see here), where you could pay a few dollars and obtain the phone number and social media profiles of a person, just by their username.” 

This, he said, could also be used for targeted scamming, but also for stalking, which he described as his “biggest worry.”

“You could find someone’s phone number in minutes provided you know the general area they live in,” 


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