New Fake DHL Notification phishing email with ‘Shipment not delivered’ – goes around on Gmail

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                    DHL fake phishing email has been around for a while. A new set of emails has been going around since last week. Arun from Mobilesecurityrearch received a email from DHL which almost convinced him to click the email when he checked his email with his smartphone. His security centric eyes was suspicious because he did not order anything in the past two weeks.
Later he went back home and checked his mail box using his desktop and performed his research on that email and found that it was a fake email.

Infact when a  user clicked on the email it redirect the user to

This is what the email says :


Subject Line : next Day Air Saver

DHL Notification Tracking Id : 0024727253
Status : Shipment not delivered

Your parcel has arrived at July 24th. Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you.

To get additional information use the following options :]

Links to malicious sites

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