‘Your Kindle e-book Amazon receipt’ themed emails lead to Black Hole Exploit Kit – Webroot

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Webroot, warns users about the possible phishing attack for Amazon kindle users. As per webroot, Cyber criminals are attempting to phish Kindle owners into thinking that they have received a receipt from an E-book purchase from Amazon.com.

In real, when a users click on any of the links found in the malicious emails, they are automatically exposed to the  client-side exploits served by the Black Hole Exploit Kit.

In real we don’t think any of Amaozn’s servers are compromised but this will trick a lot of users give their information to the wrong hands.

The malicious server

Malicious domain name reconnaissance:
starsoftgroup.net –; – Email: [email protected]
Name Server: NS1.HTTP-PAGE.NET
Name Server: NS2.HTTP-PAGE.NET

Upon execution, the sample also phones back to the following C&C servers:  ( all servers below are malacious)


Screenshot of Amazon phish page. Image from Webroot


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