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United Airlines got hacked and lost millions of travelers information

Pic Courtesy : Arun Hegde

Pic Courtesy : Arun Hegde

As per United Airlines, a group of hackers from China were responsible targeting United Airlines network and stealing  customer information. United Airlines experienced a cyber attack on its network during the month of June as per Bloomberg reports, citing sources familiar with this matter. “The hackers who stole data on tens of millions of U.S. insurance holders and government employees in recent months breached another big target at around the same time” — United Airlines.

The information includes customer information  like geo location , legal names and address of customers. With Anthem breach it may be easier to line both the hacks which can help determining military passengers. – said UA

Even Bloomberg suspected that the recent security-clearance records from OPM combined with insurance records from Anthem and travel records from United Airlines could be used to target American defense. Although purpose of the breach is not yet known and no significant evidence has been found from any of the investig

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