More than 2000 TESCO customers account hacked and posted online

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TESCO has been targeted by hackers this time and account information of more than 2000 customers have been posted online on pastebin. internet shopping accounts, personal details and Tesco club card details  were  posted last Thursday online by the hackers.

As a result ,  Tesco was forced to deactivate online customer accounts to prevent further abuse.

However the details of the breach is still unknown. As per Tesco, automated tools might have been used to obtain the accounts.  This is not the first time TESCO was targeted. In 2013, Tesco had a similar attack where 1000’s of user information was posted online.

 Troy Hunt,security researcher  posted on his blog says that,  Tesco was sending passwords in plain text via email criticizing  TESCO saying, “I would not for a moment assume that the extent of the damage is only a couple of thousand accounts, that’s almost certainly only the tip of the iceberg.
Adding to this , last month TESCO accidentally revealed hundreds of customer email addresses in an email adding by adding all uses in the “To” field, in an  attempted to apologize for a pricing error.
Its very clear that companies like TESCO have not invested in security and they do not take customer information seriously even if they say they do.  With such repeated hacks and issues, its very clear that they have do a lot in protecting their customer information.
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