Bank of the West candidate information might have been leaked from a retired internet application

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Bank of the west  confirmed that the login credentials of candidates applied for jobs was compromised during the month of December 2013. Although it was unclear, what other information was compromised, but Bank of the West promptly sent an email to all its candidates informing the incident and that necessary measures were taken to secure their servers.

The email notice read :

“On December 19, 2013 we discovered that a retired internet application that provided job listings and accepted applications for positions at the Bank had been illegally accessed. While we do not have conclusive evidence that personal information was taken during this access, the unauthorized users may have obtained information concerning you including your user name and password created to access the site.

On discovery of the potential data exposure, the servers involved were promptly secured and additional security measures were established. We are also actively cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation of this incident”


The bank further advised its candidates to keep a close watch on account statements and credit report for potential unauthorized activity.




The information on resume are usually very comprehensive and we can only hope such banks take their candidate information very seriously.

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