Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) Website Defaced With Image Of Bangladesh National Cricket Team

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BCCI INdia hacked




Since the start of 2014 some of major global sites like Microsoft’s blog  have been defaced. Now its turn of BCCI, the official website of the Board of Control for Cricket in India, BCCI.TV, has been defaced by a hacker claims from Bangladesh who goes by the name Ashik Iqbal Chy.

After the site was defaced , the BCCI homepage had a banner over the main news headline that read, “Hacked by Ashik.” On the About Us page, the hacker posted a photo of the Bangladesh national team running with the country’s flag and a message below it that read, “Don’T MesS UP WitH TiGeRs!”

This attack is most possibly in response to the proposed structural overhaul of the International Cricket Council (ICC), which could give a lot of decision-making powers to the top cricket boards like BCCI, Cricket Australia (CA) and England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). Later in the day the website appears to have been restored back to normal function.


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