More than 16 million German User data compromised by a Massive Botnet

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As per The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), 16 Million user information was compromised by a major Botnet.  The theft was discovered by analyzing  a massive  botnet. 

A website has been setup by The Federal Office of Information Security where people can check if their email accounts have been compromised. Any concerned  user can submit their email address, after which they will receive a four-digit PIN number. If the email address has been compromised, the user will receive an email with a matching PIN number.

Link to the site to check for email address :

As per The Local, the theft of digital identities was discovered during the month of December 2013, but the BSI took its time to notify potential victims because of the time needed to set up the above website. The site appears to have been crashed  by the initial avalanche of users.

As per net-sec: “ 880,000+ users who used the site discovered that they have been affected.

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