Bluetooth enabled Skimming Devices on Gas Station Pump Card Readers Stole more than 2 million

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A new hack has been discovered and thirteen suspects have been indicted in New York on a Bluetooth enabled skimming skimming scheme that netted them more than $2 million throughout southeastern United States.

The skimming devices were placed on gas station pumps at Raceway and Racetrac gas stations throughout Texas, Georgia, and South Carolina recorded debit and credit card data and PIN’s. These devices also had Bluetooth enabled so that the thieves can download the stolen debit and credit card information with a remote device directly to their system.

They then tried to launder the stolen money through at least 70 different bank accounts across United States,  as per  district attorney’s office in New York CountyGas-Station-Skimming

Image : District attorney’s office, NY County

 Each of the transactions was under $10,000. They were allegedly structured in a manner to avoid any cash transaction reporting requirements imposed by law and to disguise the nature, ownership, and control of the defendants’ criminal proceeds.   As per the reports “The period of one year between March 2012 to March 2013, they used forged cards embossed with the stolen account data to withdraw cash at ATMs in Manhattan, then deposited the money into bank accounts in New York. Co-conspirators in California and Nevada then withdrew the money from ATMs in those states. During that year, the defendants allegedly laundered about $2.1 million.”

Details regarding this issue can be found here

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