SEA Hackers’ Latest Victim – Microsoft’s Official Blog, Email and Twitter Accounts!

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Eleven days after hijacking Skype’s social media services, the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has targeted Microsoft again by hacking the company’s official blog, employee emails and Twitter accounts. To prove the hack, SEA hackers left a bold message on Microsoft’s Official blog page that read “SEA Syrian Electronic Army Was Here… long live Syria!”.


The hacked twitter account tweeted “Don’t use Microsoft emails (Hotmail, Outlook), they are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments

SEA has openly made a statement on twitter that “We didn’t finish our attack on Microsoft yet, stay tuned for more!


Microsoft has admitted that the cyber attack was a result of phishing and that the impacted accounts were reset immediately with no loss of customer information. Microsoft also assured that they are continuing to take number of actions to protect its employees and their accounts against such attacks.

The questions that are still unanswered are :

  • How secure is Microsoft given that it is repeatedly being hacked ?
  • Do the hackers already have access to additional information than what they have released ?
  • Do these repeated hacks really mean that Microsoft is giving more information to the government than what they have led the general public to believe ?
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