Modern day DDoS attacks are using Mobile apps – Prolexic

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As per the Prolexic reports,DDoS attacks have increased to 26.09% compared to Q4 2012, 17.42% increase in application layer attacks 28.97% increase in infrastructure layer ( Layer 3 & 4) attacks,28.975 decrease in average attack duration9 i,e 22.88 vs 32.21 hours)

Increased mobile devices usage have increased the number of malacious apps on the internet, which has changed the way  DDoS attacks are performed. .

“The prevalence of mobile devices and the widespread availability of downloadable apps that can be used for DDoS is a game changer,” said Stuart Scholly, president of Prolexic. “

Malicious actors now carry a powerful attack tool in the palm of their hands, which requires minimal skill to use. Because it is so easy for mobile device users to opt-in to DDoS attack campaigns, we expect to see a considerable increase in the use of these attack tools in 2014.” — net-sec reported.

The largest DDoS attack Prolexic mitigated was at  179 Gbps.  As attack size continous to grow  in magnitude of 100Gbps as reported by  on gaming yesterday

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