iOS 7 release causing Apple DDoS — Well kidding

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iOS 7 release was a major news for Apple users. Its unbelievable to see how many users want the cool new Operating system.  This is always the fun part every year when something new comes from Apple. This time its for the new powerful Apple iOS7 release on September 18th.

As reported on SANS, the data request was tripled from the users who wanted the new update. As of 12PM, the request for downloading the new iOS 7 from users tripled and this caused DDOS kind of scenario.

As per SANS, “Swa, one of our handlers, indicates that this can be easily resolved for a corporate network by enabling the Apple Caching Service and/or Software Update Server  on a single OSX Server in the network, which serves as the update “broker” for all clients on the netowrk. (thanks for the screenshot Swa).  The Caching Server will serve up all Apple content (including updates), while the Update Server will only server up Updates. “

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